Controller Services

What are Fractional Controller services and how it can benefit to your company?

Every expanding business eventually outgrows basic bookkeeping services. While good bookkeeping lays the foundation, it primarily feeds into something more valuable – financial insights that can propel your business growth.

To effectively analyze this bookkeeping data and make strategic decisions that advance your business the expertise of an experienced Controller is essential.

Fractional Controller Services provide companies with access to a high-level Financial Controller on a part-time or temporary basis. The service is designed for businesses that need expert financial oversight but may not require or be able to afford a full-time controller.

The Comprehensive List of Services:

  • Accounting Operations: Supervise and manage company accounts and the operations of the accounting staff, including training, hiring, and performance evaluation. Performing month and year end procedures. 
  • Financial Reporting: Prepare, manage, and ensure accuracy in all financial statements and reports, including monthly, quarterly, and annual accounts. Interim financial statements.
  • Ensure these reports comply with legal, regulatory, and company standards.
  • Internal Control: Develop and maintain internal controls and policies, designed to ensure that all financial transactions executed and recorded correctly.
  • Audit and Compliance: Coordinate with external auditors, including Canada Revenue Agency. Ensure compliance with government requirements and tax filings.

We understand that accounting isn’t just about compliance – it’s the raw material for unlocking powerful business insights.

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